Loganair – A flight review

My trip to Shetland started with a beautiful train ride up to Edinburgh. As I only had a short time to explore, I chose to fly rather than taking the ferry. Normally I don’t bother reviewing airlines but I had such a good experience with Loganair, I thought I would share it.

Visiting giant airports seems to be a recurring theme of 2019. Edinburgh Airport may not be as large as Dubai or Singapore, but I should have expected it as I was flying out of Scotland’s capital city. The thing I hate most about about Edinburgh Airport are the self service check in desks (dinosaurs and technology don’t get on well). But, Loganair has a check in desk! I even got a proper boarding pass. Edinburgh Airport gave a lot of notice about the gate your plane leaves from. I really appreciate that because it helps me feel calm and I’m more likely to relax. Rather than running through departures, recreating a scene from Jurassic Park.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the size of the plane I was to fly on, initially I thought I was looking at a private jet! My favourite part of flying on a small plane was the speedy and efficient boarding, allowing the plane to depart on time.

The plane was tiny, in comparison to the A380 I flew on when I went to Singapore. There were only 12 rows of seats, with 2 on one side and 1 seat across the aisle. I was a very lucky dinosaur and had the luxury of my own seat which even had a window. There was a lot of legroom for me and my photographer who was sat in the emergency exit row. The exit row had so much legroom, my photographer couldn’t reach the seat in front with straight legs.

The only downside of flying with Loganair was the noise of the aircraft, but I believe it was from sitting near the back of the aircraft and it didn’t stop me from hearing the pilot or the cabin crew.

I was a very lucky adventursaurus because I flew on such a clear day, I had fabulous views from take off until landing. I was amazed watching the propeller on the wing and the vast greenery of Scotland below. This was made even better when paired with a free coffee and biscuit. 1 hour and 10 minutes flew by (literally) and I didn’t even miss the in flight entertainment. A very scenic and smooth landing into Sumburgh Airport allowed me to arrive at my destination relaxed and refreshed.

Loganair is a wonderful airline to fly with and I have to say they are leaps ahead of some other low cost UK airlines.

Friendliness of staff





Overall-Rating: 5 (Stars) dinosaurs

Beautiful view landing into Sumburgh

I would definitely not hesitate at the thought of flying Loganair in the future either for a domestic or international flight.

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