The best botanical gardens

Every city has something beautiful to find. For me it is gardens and parks, but nothing beats botanical gardens. If there’s a palm house you can almost guarantee I’ll visit. Some of my upcoming trips are currently being planned around an oasis found in a city.

Edinburgh Botanic Gardens

In the quiet, unassuming area of Inverleith lies the Botanic gardens. Home to friendly squirrels, beautiful blooms and (to me) the best view of Edinburgh’s iconic skyline. Best part is the gardens are totally free. The only part which has an entry fee is the Glasshouses, there are several so it is definitely worth the money to visit.

The end of each year the gardens play host to a display of lights which is artistic and provides a unique way of looking at the buildings which would be otherwise overlooked. I love how the Victorian glasshouse is lit up from the inside out.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

It is no secret that the botanic gardens in Singapore is possibly my favourite place on the planet. The tropical oasis is an area of beauty and tranquility. Not to mention the animals running about; I liked the chickens and monitor lizards the best because they scared my photographer numerous times.

The orchids are incredible as are the palm trees, which provide a beautiful backdrop for Instagram. I find it simply perfect for getting lost amidst nature.

The only downside of the Singapore Botanic Gardens is the size, its way too big to explore in a single day. But that only makes me happy and excited to return to explore more of the area later in the year.

Krakow Botanic Gardens

Set back in a small and secluded area of Krakow. The Jagiellonian University Botanical garden is the perfect size to explore in one day. It is certainly not as famous as some other botanical gardens but it has a distinct charm. The entry fee grants access to all areas of the park. I like how the palm houses are separated, so you can balance being in and outdoors.

It is a lot less perfectly organised than bigger botanical gardens but I love the charm which is present because of this. The old greenhouses have numerous plants growing, some have taken over the building completely.

Unique and exotic plants aren’t the main focus here, instead it is flora which is found in Poland. One of the remnants of the ancient Polish forests resides in the gardens. The grand and beautiful old Oak tree is worth making a trip here.

Schonnbrunn Schlosspark

I know this technically isn’t Vienna’s botanical gardens but I think it should be. The Palace is the main draw to visiting but the gardens are just as impressive. Walking through the ornately designed trees reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. Though in December there was only one solitary wisteria blooming in the wintery sunshine.

The palm house is one of the most ornate buildings I have ever seen. Sadly, it was closed when I visited so I could only peep through the window. I can only imagine how beautiful it looks in summer when the flowers are blooming.


Technically the Palmenhaus is no longer a botanical garden. But, it hs been reincarnated to something even more beautiful. A butterfly house, which is filled with beautiful orchids and lots of fluttery friends.

The other part of the building is a brasserie. Which does a fabulous pot of tea with a very Instagrammable background. If you visit near sunset the glass reflects beautiful shades of pink everywhere!

This year I have plans to visit lots more botanical gardens in many of the places I am going to visit. I wonder if they will make it onto my list of the best botanical gardens. Is there anywhere I should add to my bucket list?

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  1. Great post and fantastic photos, happy to see Edinburgh on your list! We are always on the lookout for parks and Botanical Gardens whenever we travel around the world too! Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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