2019 – a review

It’s the final day of the year, of the decade in fact. Soon I will be greeting 2020 wearing a party hat, whilst my photographer works (I’ll be celebrating new year for all of the people having to work instead of celebrating!). My 2019 resolution was to visit three new countries, which I achieved more easily than I had ever envisioned. Sadly, I also increased my carbon footprint massively (oops). I have since planted a few trees and cacti to try and reduce my carbon footprint.

Here is a round up of my adventures:

Countries – 9

New countries visited: Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Poland, Singapore, Scotland, United Arab Emirates.

Flights – 12

Trains – 2

Boats – 3

Miles traveled – 17,541

5% of the world visited.

I’ve been stuck in airports, on runways and in train stations due to delays. Spent more time lost in cities and in the handbag of doom than I care to admit. I’ve queued for everything from the toilet to seeing the view from the top of the Burj Khalifa. Travel has its ups and downs but that is why I love being an adventursaurus, taking that leap into the unknown. Even after visiting so many countries, it never gets boring.

I spent spring exploring a new continent, Asia. Singapore stole my heart, so much so I am returning to spend another spring in the city. From meeting Jurassic friends to waving at Malaysia, I had so much fun in Singapore, yet I feel as though I barely scratched the surface. All of the glitz and glam of the city was amazing to see, my favourite place was the roof garden of the Buddah Tooth Relic Museum. This is where my love of orchids began, the Flower Dome and Gardens by the Bay only strengthened this. I also learned that not all flowers bloom, some sparkle; witnessing the Garden Rhapsody was breathtaking.

Heading back towards Europe for the summer gave me the option to visit a rather famous city in the Middle East, Dubai. A dazzling city with a lot to offer. I enjoyed seeing all of the futuristic buildings. Especially the Burj Al Arab which is surrounded by arabian insiired buildings.

Back in Europe I took a short journey to the most northerly part of the UK, the Shetland Islands. A truly tranquil part of the world with so much to explore, I love how the landscape changes so much in a small area. One of my favourite moments of the year was having a white sand beach to myself, with a group of wild and friendly seals for company. It was the best place to recharge my batteries before jetting off to another new country.

Croatia, I had high hopes about dubrovnik hich were rapidly brought down. Disappointed by Croatia’s most famous city, I decided to explore lesser known Croatia. I love hiking and spent a lot of time in my element. Especially, when the opportunity to try something new arose; urbex. That’s urban exploring to those who’ve never heard of it. Kupari was emotional and thought provoking, it amazed me to see this well kept secret of Croatia.

Leaving Croatia allowed me to begin a small road trip through Eastern Europe, beginning with Bosnia. Beginning on a tiny slice of beautiful slice of coastline, Neum. Then it was off to ‘Little Cow’ nature reserve, to visit my first waterfall. Kravice is a beautiful nature reserve with powerful waterfalls and a dinosaur blue lake. Awe was exchanged for emotion as I entered Mostar. It was a hard place to visit but I am glad I went, Mostar is a living reminder of how resilient humans can be.

Moving on to Montenegro via Croatia was a very picturesque drive, leading me to country number 10. It also proved to be a super exciting day involving 3 boat rides. Montenegro left me wanting more, my visit was so rushed, I was unable to see all of Kotor. It has also inspired me to add Norway and Albania to My Bucket List.

Back in England I spent some time meeting up with Jurassic celebrities and even went on a scarecrow hunt. A short break to enjoy some of the British summer before heading back to Eastern Europe.

Poland was the next destination and country number 11. Fire breathing dragons, fancy buildings and fantastic views filled my time in the city. After going up the world’s tallest building earlier in the year. My photographer and I headed deep underground in Wieliczka. Without a doubt, the scariest thing I have done.

Autumn took me to Edinburgh, Yorkshire and Raby to see some beautiful castles. A brief break from adventures allowed me to be a partysaurus at a wedding.

Before, finally jetting off to country number 12; Austria to enjoy Christmas. Christmas markets were the best way to feel festive. I had the best time eating cakes in fancy coffee houses. But, one of my favourite moments of the year happened purely by accident. Making friends with a butterfly, even better is the fact he was blue too!

After a great year I can’t wait to see what adventures come my way in the future. My resolutions for 2020 include:

  • Visiting Scandinavia
  • Visiting 4 new countries
  • Exploring more of the UK
  • Continuing with my goal of eating a slice of cake in every country in the world.

Everyone at Team Veganosaurus would like to thank the hotels, tour guides, followers and friends for their support in 2019. We wish you a prosperous and happy new year filled with adventures, here’s to 2020!

Next stop: London!

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