The cruise ships descended upon Dubrovnik, so I chose to take the bus in the opposite direction. I had passed by Cavtat on my way to the Montenegro Border, so heading 20 km south of the cruise ships was a great plan. I took bus number 10, which only runs once an hour but there are also numerous taxi’s buzzing about near the bus stops. Or there is the quieter option of the water taxi, I avoided this at all costs due to the very choppy water.

It takes around 20 minutes on the bus from Mlini which follows the road along the cliff side. Cavtat itself is located at the bottom of a small hill, making it hidden from the road above. This gave it the feel of Dubrovnik’s smaller and more glamorous neighbour.

Hidden among the pine trees on a petite peninsula, with two natural harbours, I quickly realised that Cavtat was more my style than Dubrovnik was. The bus dropped me off right by the first harbour, filled with small fishing boats and the option of three paths. I took the path which was covered by cypress and pine trees on one side and the calm Adriatic ocean to the other.

Honestly, there wasn’t much on this path, except for the odd fish restaurant and a small pebble cove. But, after the last few weeks of exploring, a quiet walk was exactly what I needed. I often forget holidays are for relaxing, I normally try to fit in as many adventures as possible then spend the flight home complaining about how tired I am. At the end of the path I was greeted with a fabulous view over to Dubrovnik, I had read it looks best from afar and I have to say I agree.

Following the path around the peninsula brought me into the town of Cavtat which also housed another harbour, this time with yachts and a couple of rather expensive boats (sadly my photographer says I am not allowed one). This flat walk allows you to see both the natural and built up sides to Cavtat. My favourite part, aside from the boats was the clear water, I could see the bottom and all of the fishies swimming about. I have never visited anywhere with such clear water.

Looking over to the town shows an abundance of old buildings. I like how they are all different pastel shades and filled with that rustic Mediterranean look I have become so fond of. As I wasn’t hungry (for once) I headed to the outskirts of Cavtat to a small beach my photographer had visited many years ago. There weren’t many humans around so I was able to spend a few hours relaxing in the sunshine before heading to my hotel and onto the airport.

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